Salad bowl China 300mm $4.40
Polycarbon 300mm $4.40
Glass 300mm $5.50
Stainless steel 300mm $3.00
Bread basket Wooden $0.80
Butter pot White china $0.60
Cake / Pastry Stainless steel server $1.30
Cake stand Round 300mm $7.00
Candle holders Glass or silver $0.90
Cheese board Wooden with knife, 250mm $4.30
Gravy boat White china $2.40
Ladle Stainless steel $1.00
Ice-cream Scoop Stainless steel $2.90
Milk jug White china $1.10
Platter Stainless steel, oval $4.20
Platter China, rectangle $4.20
Salt and pepper White china or stainless steel $1.20
Serving spoons, tongs etc Stainless steel $0.90
Sugar bowl White china or stainless steel $0.70
Table number Chrome on stand $1.90